Lyme Disease Foundation

We’re a small Non Profit (501c3) organization run by a mother and daughter team, hoping to help educate the world on Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses. From activities in Washington, to a presentation at a Lyme Conference in Madrid, the LDF is quickly back leading the way in the Scientific and Patient Communities. We have accepted invitations to present in Boston in the fall of 2019 and Budapest, Hungary in 2020, and are thrilled to see what more we can do. 

Our Goals

  • Spread Education
  • Ensure the Whole History of Lyme is Public Knowledge
  • Arm the Public with Prevention Methods
  • Influence Better Care Methods
  • Work with Researchers on Finding an Accurate Testing Method
  • Explore Promising Research in Tick Borne Illnesses
  • Expand Current Research into the Cost of Lyme Disease to Society
  • Report on Conferences to Allow Access to Those Who Can’t Physically Attend

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