Lyme Warrior

Lyme Warrior is a nationwide nonprofit providing treatment grants, research funds, Kids Smile Boxes, and peer-to-peer support groups. This incredible nonprofit has provided $52,000 in research funding, $52,000 in patient care support, and 58,000 volunteer hours to support initiatives, advocacy, and efforts to improve the future of Lyme since their inception.


Lyme Warrior is a team of sick people fighting for better treatment, testing, and understanding of Lyme Disease. 

When I became sick, it took me years to get a correct diagnosis even after taking Lyme tests that gave me false negatives. After a diagnosis, treatment was disabling. I am still fighting to get my health back and the health of thousands of others.

Our mission is to increase resources for those fighting Lyme disease and their caregivers while continuing to support initiatives, advocacy, and efforts to improve the future of Lyme.

Research funds are granted at every chance. Allocation is decided by a selection process from our team and board of directors.

Why care about Chronic Lyme?

Lyme Disease is a vector borne illness that can become chronic if left untreated. The bacteria invades the body and spreads to all areas causing any variety of symptoms ranging from minimal to disabling to death.

Because testing is grossly inaccurate, Chronic Lyme Disease is widely denied by the medical community. Diagnosis, treatment, and research is limited.  It is common for patients to go undiagnosed for years, even decades, unaided by their doctors, and generally not supported through their illness.

Not only is this disease awful, but it is now a PANDEMIC.

Lyme Warrior

  • Every year 427,000+ people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
  • Chronic Lyme symptoms can range from disabling to death.
  • Testing is inaccurate and treatment is not covered by insurance.
  • For our family & friends who’s lives have been permanently changed by this disease, we work to build solutions.

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